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What Comes to Mind...

When trying to decide how to start a blog, several things come to mind.  I figured I could start with some really deep, well crafted, psychobabble about some current world issue or hot topic.  I could start with what is really on my heart at the moment; which would make this blog more about me and perhaps, less beneficial to others.  Or, I could just pick a topic that I think would be of interest to you and be COMPLETELY wrong; leading you to be bored out of your mind and then on to the next bloggers blog.  So, I decided to find what I hope is a nice balance of each of the paths above.

One things I know is that most people have something they want to change and can usually articulate their reasons for change.  They may not always know how to change – but can usually express why.  Therefore, I will not call this a blog – too much pressure!  Instead; I will just share what is on my mind and yet balance that with useful information that readers can use.  These posts will be full of informed thoughts.  Information that will assist in prompting change.  Information that can aid those who know the reasons they want to change something in their lives but just do not know how to start the process.  

Occasionally these pages may include some deep, well crafted, psychobabble  – but I will do my best to make it meaningful.   Most importantly, I want this to be an interactive site where we can exchange our feelings and ideas regarding various thoughts posted on this site.  I value feedback!

Meanwhile; I hope that my thoughts are beneficial to the changes you are making in your life.

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