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About Me...

Greetings and thank you for visiting my site!  As noted above, I shift between many roles as a mental health professional.  Within these roles; I value the opportunity to educate and inform the public about psychology, mental wellness and mental illness.  A goal that is near and dear to me is being able to dismantle negative stereotypes about psychological services; while increasing receptiveness to psychological supports.  


My interest in psychology started at a fairly young age but I did not have a name for it - did not know what it looked like as a career path.  I knew what a teacher was and what a physician looked like...but not a psychologist.  The lack of this information is probably why I had decided to become a dentist when I first arrive to college (don't ask where becoming a dentist came from - I have no clue).  It was not until after my first year of attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where my interest in psychology came together.  I finally had a name for what I wanted to do which excited me!  I then decided to get both my Masters and Doctorate of Philosophy degrees from Tennessee State University.  My interest in both psychology and multicultural practices/interventions were solidified at The University of Cincinnati Psychological Services Center.  During my post-doctoral training at Vanderbilt University; I was able to learn more about mental health services as they specifically applied to the community mental health setting.  And there it is...a brief overview of where my interest in psychology started, was shaped and took off!  

I enjoy people, talking, working, healing, helping, shaping, listening, building, re-building, talking (I know I said that already but I really like talking), educating, training, and just being a source of support for the mental health community.  I find psychology and mental health services to be absolutely fascinating and hopeful that I can have a significant impact on making services and information more accessible to those in need. 


Thanks for visiting my site and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback!


Dr. Keisha

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